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In the last couple of years, subscription services have taken off in popularity. Many services require subscriptions, such as cable, Netflix, magazines, or newspapers, but I’m focusing more on subscription box services where you’re sent goods once a month or at some other specified interval of time. Since 2014, visitors to subscription box services have increased by nearly 800 percent. Every week, new subscription service ideas are being introduced and people love using them. When this trend first began, many believed they would never use these subscription services and didn’t see the point in paying for them, but that viewpoint has clearly not been sustained. While we’re constantly bombarded with advertisements about subscription boxes and services, we do not often discuss why they’re so popular. Here are a few reasons why the industry has become so successful in the last few years.


A large part of the popularity of subscription boxes comes from their convenience. People love companies that can easily ship them something they want/need without having to worry about picking it up from the store or shopping for it on their own. Subscription boxes arrive, filled with items you’re interested in or need, at a set time with minimal effort on your part (you simply need to sign up for the service and make sure a payment method is connected). The easier it is to get products, the more likely people will be interested in trying out the service.

The experience

Most people love surprises. The excitement of opening up a new box and seeing what’s inside is something to enjoy. Subscription boxes thrive on this love of excitement. No matter what the month has been like, people experience a pick-me-up when they get home and see that they’re monthly subscription box has arrived, filled with items they haven’t seen or tried yet. The thrill of opening a box to get a new product is something people sincerely enjoy and adds to the popularity of subscription boxes.

Consumers needs

A hallmark of subscription boxes is how closely they pay attention to consumer desires. I’ve written previously on the importance of focusing on the customer for any business and how it leads to success and this skill is one subscription boxes have mastered. Subscription boxes are entirely about consumer experiences and giving them products they want and will enjoy. These companies thrive by asking for regular feedback from consumers and actually listening to their input.


The nature of subscription services often allows people to try out the service at a steeply discounted rate or for free for the first month, but requires payment information to be submitted on their site. Many people try the initial free trial and then never make the effort to end their subscription because they enjoyed the products they received and do not feel like going through the effort of canceling the subscription. This payment method is part of the convenience of subscription boxes and also makes it easier for people to continue paying for the service after they’ve taken advantage of the initial deal.

New products

A huge part of the appeal of subscription boxes is that they offer consumers a variety of new products they might not have access to or knowledge of otherwise. One of the most popular types of subscription boxes are beauty-themed boxes. These feature cosmetic products that subscribers probably would not have tried otherwise, but can sample a variety of at a reduced rate from what they’d have to pay in a retail store. People love novelty, which is why this industry has been so successful.