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Deon McCalla


Deon McCalla is an accomplished businessman with over 13 years of experience in operations, sales, service, and management roles. An innovative, forward-thinker, Deon is always looking for creative and unconventional ways to solve problems. Over the course of his career, Deon has proven himself as a turnaround expert capable of helping failing businesses become profitable. He has dedicated himself to continuous process improvement in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets and prides himself on his ability to address and resolve problems.

After amassing a successful career with Alsco, Inc., working in a variety of roles including General Manager, Service Manager, Operations Manager, and Production Manager, Deon is now looking to apply these skills to a new endeavor. With the entrepreneurial mindset ingrained in his DNA, Deon has recently launched his own business venture, Beverage Barbers. As Deon McCalla contends, “there is nothing more rewarding than working for yourself and creating something that you are truly passionate about.”

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Located in Avondale, Arizona, Beverage Barbers is the ultimate destination for haircuts and grooming services. Beverage Barbers caters to sporting and entertainment enthusiasts and serves as a place where people can relax, enjoy a beer or wine, and get a haircut all while enjoying games as well as sporting events and entertainment on high definition televisions. You will not find any other barbershop like Beverage Barbers.

When you visit Beverage Barbers you will be welcomed by an attentive staff whose goal is to take care of you with subtle efficiency. The team prides itself on creating a relaxing experience that you deserve.

The goal of Beverage Barbers is to cover a wide-range of services in one stop. With multiple membership packages, flexible hours, and responsive staff, Beverage Barbers is the go-to place for hair care. Furthermore, the Beverage Barbers team is comprised of a talented team that represents all spectrums of the customer base, meaning there is always someone to handle your haircut requests.

Beverage Barbers offers a unique membership program, which gives you access to exclusive discounts, special appointment times, amazing prizes, and invitations to members-only special events. Moving forward, Deon McCalla hopes to expand upon the membership program in an effort to create a social club type, customer-focused barbershop environment.








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